Your First Shower

There will be moments in your life when you are reminded of how lucky you are and how you must have made some good decisions – no matter the uncertainties you feel.  Today was one of those moments for our family-in-construction; today was your mother’s baby shower.

Baby showers are not the most exciting of parties and this one was hardly the first for most of our friends and family.  By now most of us have been through the wedding circuit and plenty of baby showers (just think of how many family friends and relatives are older than you).  Still, about 80 people made it out to celebrate Faloo’s impending arrival with us. It’s pretty humbling to realize that this many people felt it worth the time to be with us as we celebrated this new chapter of our lives and the start of our family.

I think about your future and the days when you will be in my shoes and I pray you have the support of people like those in my life.  Your mom and I have been really lucky.  We’ve been raised in the right families and made enough of the right decisions in our lives to wind up in a family and circle of friends that really care about each other.  I only hope that you’ll be able to say the same about your upbringing and your family and friends someday.

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