To my unborn child.

Today I learned that you exist!  Ok, that’s not entirely true…I guess my first written words to you are a lie.  See, today is actually February 18, 2015.  While I’ve had the thought of writing to you for a while, it wasn’t until today that I finally had (and made) the time to do so.

While it’s been some time since the Thursday night I learned of your existence, I want to capture it here.  It was a late night at work and I got a call from your mother.  She sounded different than usual – like something was going on and she had an ulterior motive to her typical question of when I’d be home.  Once I mentioned that it would be a late night, she asked me to call her back…in private.

Obviously at this point I ran out of the team room I work in and into an office. There she told me about how the pregnancy test came back positive…she thought.  Honestly, all I can remember is the huge grin that appeared on my face and refused to leave.  We’d been hoping that you would come around soon and the thought that you might actually have made your presence known to us was thrilling.  There are a few moments of pure joy you will feel in your life  – the kind of joy reserved for milestones in your life; when you know things will never be the same again.  This is the joy I felt about you that night, knowing that our worlds – your mother’s and mine – would never be the same again.

So much for getting any work done that night.

You’re probably asking yourself why I’m creating this blog.  Well, I enjoy writing but I haven’t had something to write about or someone to write to…at least not until you came along.  I realized, sometime after that Thursday night I learned about you, that this is no longer true.  I want to write to you – let you into my head a bit.  You’ll probably (hopefully) know me in many ways – through the voice in which I teach, the voice in which I joke, the voice in which I yell (let’s be honest, I’m human) – but you won’t hear the voice in which I think, at least not until you have the opportunity to read this blog.

This blog isn’t just dedicated to you.  It’s for your future brother(s) and sister(s), assuming you have them.  While you have the honor of being the first, I know I’ll be just as excited to see them come along…not to mention better prepared!

I’m playing catch-up so I apologize for the false dating of some of these posts but hopefully I will be on point soon.  In the meantime I hope you enjoy what I write – my thoughts about you, about life, about the future…really about anything.  It’s why I call this blog Untamed Thoughts.