Faloo it is…

So your mother was right (that’s probably a line I’ll be using for many years to come)…you’re a boy (Please call me immediately if this revelation is a surprise to you)!  I think I mentioned earlier that I thought you’d be a girl and she thought you’d be a boy.  If I didn’t, well there it is. 

The appointment was this past Tuesday at the hospital.  Honestly, these ultrasound moments are so great – pure joy on our faces as we get to look at you.  You might not appreciate this until you’re in our shoes but it really is amazing to see the very existence of your child appear right before your eyes!

Anyway, you’re at about 11 ounces now.  In fact you’re big enough that they no longer measure you from head to rump but instead use a number of measurements to come up with a weight.  We actually saw some arms, hands, and legs pretty clearly this time as the tech focused in on different parts of you.  They even tried to do a 3D ultrasound for us but we couldn’t get a good view of your face.  Being the son of a punk like me, I bet you thought you were being funny.  We’ll have to work on your sense of humor 😉

Before the ultrasound started we asked that the tech not tell us what sex you are.  Your mom had a pretty good idea actually – have them place the answer in an envelope and, later that night, we would open it while on a Google Hangout* with the rest of our family (your grandparents and aunts/uncles).  

Anyway that night we held the Hangout – your Kaka and I thought you’d be a girl; your mom, her dad, and my mom thought you’d be a boy.  Just FYI, my dad and your mom’s mom did not guess – they just said they wanted a healthy baby (I think that’s a cop out – obviously we all want you to be healthy!).  Anyway, the whole thing was a bit of a crazy affair.  Your grandparents (mom’s side) somehow shut the sound off on their computer so they couldn’t hear us. We ended up keeping them on the phone also but, by doing that, our voices caused an echo every time we spoke.  To any other children of mine reading this,  I can promise you that next time we’ll do something a bit simpler.

Of course we have more ultrasound pics but I won’t be posting these here.

Alright people, I’m going to wrap this up.  We have been sitting on a flight for the past hour after a crazy day of weather and delays trying to get to Atlanta.  Unfortunately your mom isn’t even sitting next to me (I guess that means she and Faloo are not next to me). Flight should be taking off soon – I just hope it goes smoothly/safely.  My next post will likely be related to (or from) Barbados!

*I have no idea when you’ll read this so let me explain what a Hangout is.  In our day, people could video chat in a group on an app called Hangouts.  No these are not holograms and the quality isn’t HD (or 4K or whatever you get) but it’s pretty reasonable.  Admittedly we had some trouble getting your grandparents to use it properly…it was kind of funny actually.

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