Your First First Name

To this point I haven’t been sure what to call you, my first child in-the-making.  Labels like that are, quite frankly, too long to repeat until you’re actually born.  Instead your Masa (mother’s sister’s husband) gave me a good idea for your name, based off of another idea that I had.  I’ll have to adjust it slightly, since I don’t want to use our actual names, for now at least.  Instead, I’m going to use my screen name (MrAloo) to adjust the name for this site.  Let me warn you, this name is not endearing.  It’s actually pretty terrible and very funny – at least to me.  So, are you ready to hear your first name, the one before your actual name?  You sure?  …Positive?  Well, it’s Faloo.

Why Faloo?  Because it’s Fetus + Aloo; what you are + 1/2 of what made you (i.e. me! ).  How could I name you something so ridiculous?  Because it’s funny and it annoys your mother (and right now, probably you as well).  To be fair, I offered her Fetus + Her Name but she refused…so you’re stuck with my name.  And since no one can stop me from saying this on my blog, it’s going to stick. So…

Hello Faloo 🙂

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