Guess who’s back?

Luckily by the time Sahaan learns how to read, he won’t be disappointed about the months-long gap between posts here.  I, however, think about this blog often and wish I could post more.  Unfortunately, life’s responsibilities get in the way and it can become difficult to do the things I want to do when I need to focus on the things I have to do.

So I’m currently on my way back from Boston, after over 2 months out here.  You might not know this but my job can require a lot of travel.  I’ve been working 14-16 hour days (which is a lot per day) and even working on the weekends.  Meanwhile, we are waiting on our new home to close (yes, the one I posted about some time back) so that we can move.  Finally, your Milap Kaka (“Kaka” is Gujarati for “father’s brother”) is getting married to Neha Kaki (“Kaki” is Gujarati for “father’s brother’s wife”) in just over 2 weeks.  So much going on!

It’s been hard not seeing Sahaan more often these past couple months.  He grows so fast that each week I feel like there’s something new about him.  About a month ago, Sahaan started becoming more reactive to our actions.  He’s become such a smiley baby that it’s hard to feel anything but love and joy when he busts out one of his smiles (which is always accompanied by his tongue sticking out).  Then, about 2 weeks ago, he started to babble a lot.  Now, he goes into these few-minute surges of babbling during which he makes all kinds of random sounds.  Your mom and I love to pretend we’re having a conversation with him and laugh every time his sounds or gestures correspond well to our statements.

I’m really excited to finally have a chance to spend more time at home.  I will probably refuse any travel work that requires more than a couple days of time (unless it’s international – that’s REALLY hard to refuse 🙂 ).  Also, once the house closes, I’ll take some days off to pack and coordinate the move.  By the end of this year, I’m hoping that life will settle down and allow our family to find some balance.

I’m on the train so I can’t post pics now but keep an eye out – I owe you all photos of smiley-Sahaan and updates on the house!